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Monday, August 19, 2013

Renewable Energy Stock Q&A Interview with CEO and President of Powerdyne International, Inc. (OTCBB: PWDY)

New York, NY - August 19, 2013 ( renewable energy stocks newswire), an investor research portal specializing in sector research for independent investors, including renewable energy stocks issues an exclusive Q&A with the CEO and President of Powerdyne International, Inc. (OTCBB: PWDY), a company that manufactures portable power generation equipment . Mr. Dale P. Euga discusses the company’s current status and the next steps for brining the PDIGenset to the portable energy generation market.

For investors unfamiliar with your company and technology can you give us a brief history of PDIGenset?
A: Mr. Dale P. Euga, CEO and President
The concept began in 2000 with the simple idea of attaching an airplane engine to a generator. The concept was sound. However the application required very expensive aviation fuel. The goal was to modify the engine to efficiently run on a gaseous fuel like propane or natural gas and produce enough power to turn a generator. After five years of engineering research, we finally developed a fuel delivery system that achieved that goal. The result was the PDIGenset. A compact, environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, easily serviced, air cooled generator. The entire unit is completely contained inside a standard shipping container and can be easily transported anywhere in the world
Is the technology commercial and ready for sales and installations?
A: Mr. Dale P. Euga, CEO and President
Yes. Since June of 2012, the company has had a 1 Megawatt factory tested unit in the shop which serves as a research and development tool for the company. It also serves as a demonstration unit to interested customers.
The Company is positioned to immediately start construction on receipt of an order for the PDIGenset. We can deliver multiple units in less than six months. As the company gears up, delivery time is expected to be reduced to three months or less
Q: Can you name some of your competitors and what makes your portable power generation technology competitive and unique in the marketplace?
A: Mr. Dale P. Euga, CEO and President
Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Kohler, and Jenbacher are manufacturers of these generator sets. Typically, their units are very large, heavy, maintenance intensive, and expensive to operate. These units weigh around 90,000 pounds, are 18-24 feet long, 8 feet high and 8 feet wide. Most of these engines have been derived from diesel technology and have been adapted from diesel to run on natural gas. Most importantly, these units are not portable and are rarely used for primary power.
In contrast, the PDIGenset weighs only 14,000 pounds. It is 6 feet in diameter and 12 feet long. The unit is inserted into a standard 40 foot long steel shipping container. Excess space inside the container is used for lubricant containers and for the heat exchanger’s production of hot water.
A special performance characteristic of the PDIGenset is that it can perform very efficiently in extreme cold temperatures and at high altitudes. Whereas other technologies, especially diesel, are de-rated starting at altitudes over 4,000 feet. Most mining applications in South America are above 5,000 feet and require multiple engines to drive one generator. A single PDIGenset can replace these inefficient power generator assemblies and produce power 24/7.
Our competitive edge occupies two domains. First, we generate primary electric power at a very inexpensive rate. This enables us to sell electricity to the customer at a far lower rate per kilowatt hour. Second, there is very little capital outlay from the client because they do not buy the equipment. The client just pays for the electricity.
Who are your target customers for this portable power generation technology; for example, defense or military?
A: Mr. Dale P. Euga, CEO and President
Our technology is best applied to commercial users, mines, manufacturers and medical centers that have a minimum electrical base load of 1MW or greater. Hospitals, large shopping centers, heavy manufacturers, and transportation systems are ideal clients. The electricity produced by the PDIGenset is consumed in parallel with the main electrical source, usually the grid, and is used to augment total consumption. In this capacity, the consumer could save 20%-50% on an annual electrical bill depending on location.
A client could go completely off the grid by using a PDIGenset as a dedicated independent primary power station. The client could also remain hooked up to the grid as a back-up to the power station. Direct financial benefit for the client is the reduced cost of electricity and no responsibility for maintenance.
Portability would be a key factor for military applications. The unit’s relative light weight, plus the fact that the entire system is contained inside a shipping container makes military applications a major market focus. Multiple PDIGensets can be loaded inside a military transport and quickly flown to any location around the world. Unlike any other genset of this capacity, it can be rigged to be parachute dropped to remote locations such as the jungle or the middle of the desert. Several units can be easily ganged together to provide power for a remote forward operations base.  
What is the roll- out plan forPDIGenset and what can investors expect to see next in terms of market entry?
A: Mr. Dale P. Euga, CEO and President
We are engaged in development talks with a large hospital group, local manufacturing companies, a pharmaceutical company, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the nation of the Dominican Republic, and have just started exploratory talks with the Aruba Power Authority.
In the next 12 to 18 months the company expects to manufacture and deploy the first 10 units, In addition, the Company has been aggressively marketing its units to many prospective businesses, State, and local municipalities, all with very positive feedback and interest. The Company projects that these first installations will generate new orders for 20 to upwards of 50 units that can be phased in over the following two production years.
About Powerdyne International, Inc. (OTCBB: PWDY)
Powerdyne International Inc. manufactures, installs, maintains and leases its own portable electrical power generation equipment (PDIGenset, Patent and Trademark Pending).
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