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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tunisia Joins International Sustainable Energy Partnership

Tunis, 30 November, 2006

Tunisia has joined the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), making it the 34th country to become a partner of the REEEP. The Agence Nationale pour la Maitrise de l'Energie (ANME) will represent Tunisia in the international partnership.

The Tunisian Secretary of State in charge of Renewable Energy and Agri-Business, Mr. Ridha Ben Mosbah said, "Our REEEP membership reinforces Tunisia's commitment towards further promoting the use of renewable energies. There is already a strong political will in Tunisia to develop and make greater and better use of solar energy, wind energy and cogeneration. Energy efficiency is indeed a top priority in our national strategy for sustainable development and the protection of our environment. Thus, we have put in place incentives and institutional framework schemes and are actively working on improving public awareness. Tunisia is looking forward to working more closely with its international partners and, in particular, the other members of REEEP in the field of sustainable energy."

REEEP is an international alliance of governments, NGOs and businesses dedicated to accelerating and expanding the global market for renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. Joining forces with the REEEP will facilitate the transfer of expertise on renewable energy to and from Tunisia, provide momentum for national public and private investment programmes and help develop the industry.

Ms Marianne Osterkorn, REEEP International Director, sees the commitment of the Tunisian government as a major step towards engaging the North African region with the clean energy sector. “We are very happy to establish a close relationship with Tunisia and to welcome Tunisia as the first North African country to join REEEP as a partner.”

“We have understood that despite the availability of oil and gas in the region there is an increased interest of Tunisian authorities to support investments in renewable energies such as wind power. REEEP is more than happy to provide support to facilitate this change.”

REEEP's work is focused on the development and support of legislative, regulatory and financial frameworks that accelerate the marketplace for renewable energy and energy efficiency. REEEP is active globally, with over 32 on-ground projects targeting the development of policy or financial models that can be replicated by governments and project developers worldwide. The partnership has more that 180 members, including all G8 countries with the exception of Russia.

In 2006, Switzerland, Argentina, Singapore and Romania all joined REEEP in order to support their domestic renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes. The British Ambassador to Tunisia, Alan Goulty, said "We are delighted that Tunisia has confirmed its commitment to global environmental protection through its membership in REEEP. We look forward to continuing our work with the Tunisian government in the field of renewables, which we have already initiated through the bilateral Memorandum of Understanding in the energy sector with the Tunisian Government and to fostering closer ties of cooperation.”

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Featured Alternative Transportation Technology Companies Reduce Green House Gas Emissions and Address Global Warming – Innovative Transportation Designs See Strong Domestic Demand and Global Market Opportunity within India and China

POINT ROBERTS, WA and DELTA, BC – November 15, 2006, and, leading investor and industry portals for the renewable energy and cleantech sector, announce advanced alternative transportation developers ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP) and Rotoblock Corporation (OTCBB: ROTB) as new featured companies. With a focus on reducing harmful emissions and increasing efficiency as they continue to develop and refine their technology offerings, both ZAP and Rotoblock offer clean tech alternatives for consumer vehicles.

With the recent U.S. election resulting in the Democratic Party winning control of Congress, many expect that issues such as reducing green house gas emissions and strengthening energy independence will become even greater legislative priorities moving forward. With the majority of the oil used in the United States being attributed to the transportation sector, alternative clean transportation technology has become a priority for protecting the environment, lowering energy prices and reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

Despite the recent decline in gasoline prices, fuel costs remain high, which continues to drive the demand for high efficiency and cost effective vehicles. Providing consumers with alternatives is ZAP! (Zero Air Pollution®) (OTCBB: ZAAP), a developer of advanced transportation vehicles such as electric, fuel cell and hybrid cars, in addition to electric bicycles, scooters and seascooters. ZAP is the only company to market and sell their electric vehicles online, enabling them to take advantage of the global market for clean alternatives. According to the Company, ZAP vehicles can reduce CO2 emissions by more than 90 percent compared to internal combustion vehicles, even counting the emissions from fossil-fueled power plants.

“We believe electricity is the fuel of the future. With electricity to power our transportation, our world can tap into renewable resources like hydroelectric, solar, wind, or geothermal power, resources that lessen our environmental footprint. Furthermore, studies show that millions of electric vehicles can recharge at night using existing surplus electrical generation, a vast, virtually untapped resource,” describes ZAP Chief Executive Officer, Steven Schneider.

Rotoblock Corporation (OTCBB: ROTB), a technology development company specializing in advanced propulsion systems, is focused on the continued development and improvement of its patented energy efficient and environmentally friendly, Oscillating Piston Engine (OPE), which releases significantly reduced emissions into the atmosphere even with regular fuels.

In addition, the Rotoblock engine is up to 50% lighter than traditional combustion engines, and is simpler to assemble, maintain and repair, making it a highly adaptable design for a wide variety of uses and sizes. The Company’s strategy is to continue to develop this proprietary technology to pursue licensing opportunities with particular focus on satisfying market needs within India and China where infrastructures are not yet fully developed, and the ease of maintenance and repair of the Oscillating Piston Engine will be a key advantage.

This past summer, Rotoblock signed a development and license agreement with Brazilian automotive company OBVIO! Automotoveiculos S.A., for the development and incorporation of a more compact OPE for use with various OBVIO! models. The terms of the agreement provides Rotoblock with $5,000,000 million paid through a royalty structure on units sold. OBVIO! is aiming to incorporate the Rotoblock engine into an ethanol hybrid drive train.

ZAP! is the exclusive North American distributor of OBVIO! alternative vehicles, which will be coming to market in 2008, complimenting the Company’s existing portfolio of electric and hybrid transportation technology.

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