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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BIOMASS Stocks; Biomass Spotlight Company, Clenergen (CRGE.PK)

BIOMASS Stocks; Biomass Spotlight Company, Clenergen (CRGE.PK) green newswire: releases the following third party investment report for Biomass Spotlight Company, Clenergen, (CRGE.PK), as prepared by Global Renewable Energy Report, and Hans Thomas. is a leader in renewable energy stocks research, featuring news and commentary on solar stocks, wind stocks, biomass stocks and more.

Article by: Global Renewable Energy Report,

Hans Thomas

The single most important investment decision you will ever make… and the Florida based company that holds the secret…

My name is Hans Thomas and I'm inviting you to learn about the most interesting renewable energy concept ever introduced, Biomass!

Since 1900, global energy consumption has risen every, single year.

Let me repeat that……Since 1900 global energy consumption has RISEN EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Energy has been the biggest, best game in town for over a century.

The floor of the New York Stock is filled with children. The floor of the Comex Exchange (energy) is where the big boys play. A wise man once said about the Golden Rule……he who has the gold…buys energy.

The most exclusive energy market in the world just opened its doors to the working guys…you and me:

To understand why this has happened, we first must enter a quaint office in Coconut Creek, Florida, the home of Clenergen Corp. Over the next several months this firm will change the way you make money and if you follow my suggestions carefully, you should be able to realize high double digit growth from this investment.

In this office lies a secret which will revolutionize the way the Biomass industry has operated for years.

This article is being written to tell you that the concepts forming at Clenergen and other industry leaders changes everything.

Yes, Everything!

The cost of everything, from transportation to real estate depends on knowing with the price of energy is in the near term future.

If you knew the price of energy in the near future you would control the market, but you don’t. However, if I told you that knowing the price of energy is really more about understanding what the price of inputs are combined with the selling price of the output.

Companies throughout the energy industry are signing long term power purchase agreements to accomplish long term revenue goals…all without knowing the price of the input. This is a decades old practice and is foolish!

Have you ever heard of your local utility having to go back to the state’s energy board and ask for a rate increase because “summer temperatures were unseasonably hot”? They knew what the outputs were, but miscalculated the inputs.

Throw out your time tested strategies, plans and hedges as the short term rotation crop location concept will open your eyes and will make you understand that companies like Clenergen are our energy future.

I have been right 86.7% for the past 13 years, a solid track record in selecting equities. This tiny piece of information on renewable energy has altered forever the direction of my life, has made me wealthy and made countless others wealthier.

I want to offer to you this compelling story click here to go to

Read This Carefully

The renewable energy market has gone global and firms like Clenergen Corp (CRGE) and Southern Company (SO) are leading the charge. As a result and if you act quickly the profit-opportunity of a lifetime awaits you.

Act Now!

On the very day Clenergen Corp fired up operations on their Biomass facility in Tamil Nandu, India, a coal fired plant in the same country was shuttered due to a lack of available feedstock. A hastily organized meeting by the United States department of Energy was called to ensure that US energy plants are not threatened by the same outcome; as the US energy network is dependent upon global production.

So from Tamil Nandu, India across the Russian tundra, through the Alaskan pipeline, over the rocky mountains and down to Costa Rica, one, seamless network running to and from provides the power the global energy market demands.

The result of short rotation crops being located at or near generation stations is changing an entire industry. In the beginning everyone tries to understand the concept, prices dip and finally a total shakeup of the energy equation, as traditional methods and solar, wind, nuclear, biomass and wind power are re-evaluated, re-priced and radically reorganized.

As the suits in Washington continue to create stricter rules on reducing the carbon footprint, renewable come to the surface and put a strain on traditional utilities.

Without a doubt the game has changed.

Most investors will be late to the show and will not make the huge returns, will likely talk about how close they were to landing the big fish and lose out.


My prediction that Clenergen would increase in price over 100% in 3 months was wrong, instead it took just 2 weeks.

September 25, 2010 $.49 – October 10, 2010 $1.13


But if you subscribe now the Global Renewable Energy Report, you will consistently be provided the most current information on the trends in the industry and can stay well ahead of the market. They will understand how and when to enter and exit a position to benefit substantially from renewable energy trades.

As a subscriber, you will have the opportunity to triple your money

And here’s the thing:

The Race is already underway…

..since Clenergen, among others have promoted projects totaling 1000s of mw/H in the Biomass sector.

And participation in this opportunity is available to you today.

But, The Prospect Is Even Better as the Windfall Lies with the Smaller Companies

Huge profits in the months ahead are reserved for smaller companies that can control costs.

It is all absolutely FREE and available with a simple click.

· Big energy companies are in trouble

· In the showdown between Biomass and coal, BIOMASS is the big winner in Washington’s new legislation on carbon emissions.

· Clenergen is in the forefront and should capture huge profits in the near term.

· Why electricity is the lead form of energy delivery and use.

· Why countries like India and the Philippines are dominant in the Biomass industry and what has changed the outlook for the United States. Don’t miss this!

My goal for you is simple….to provide you with enough information to make you wealthy, REALLY WEALTHY. I have enjoyed successes well beyond my imagination all from analysis of good information. I have had the opportunity to eat lunch with gentlemen like Dan Devos and Herb Brooks, partnered with NFL football and NBA basketball players and currently am advising the Omani government on restructuring their oil distribution portfolio to prepare for a surge in renewable generation.

As the price of energy stocks fluctuates, information from the report will allow you to identify divergences between energy stocks and when to enter and exit positions. I talk about trading strategies and feature a renewable energy company each and every issue.

I think you will agree the Global Renewable Energy Report is a necessity when making stock selections.

Take care for now!

Hans Thomas

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