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Friday, December 21, 2007

Renewable Energy Stocks Sector Close- Up on Ethanol Stocks and Sustainable & Electric Transportation, Green Automotive Stocks

Renewable Energy Stocks Sector Close- Up on Ethanol Stocks and Sustainable & Electric Transportation, Green Automotive Stocks

Energy Bill Drives Green Car Fuels and Technologies

POINT ROBERTS, WA and DELTA, BC – December 21, 2007,, a leading investor news and research portal for the renewable energy sector within, presents a sector close- up on alternative fuel and fuel efficient technology stocks following the passage of the Energy Bill. Ethanol stocks received a much needed boost, on the mandate of higher fuel economy standards, reduction of dependence on foreign oil and annual production of renewable fuels to increase to 36 Billion gallons by 2022.

According to Calyon Securities analyst, Kelly Dougherty, “The ethanol stocks should respond favorably to the recent passage of the Energy Bill as the sector should benefit from the increased domestic RFS which mandates use of 36 billion gallons annually by 2022. This should alleviate oversupply fears as more demand will be mandated with a funded path toward further infrastructure build-out and commercialization of cellulosic ethanol, which should support higher future ethanol prices.”

Additionally Calyon Securities commented,” The increased RFS should result in continued infrastructure build-out, opening of new markets, and increased discretionary blending along the path to commercialization of cellulosic which should support higher ethanol prices. We believe VSE/USBE will be well-positioned given its larger scale and potential for lower costs as well as its innovative stance on new technologies (corn oil extraction and investments in cellulosic ethanol).”

VeraSun Energy Corporation (VSE) issued the following statement December 19th, “We applaud the work of our leaders in Washington, D.C., for their vision in putting our country on a path toward greater energy diversity and sustainability. The expanded Renewable Fuels Standard will significantly reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil and extend our nation’s fuel stream.”

Another milestone in the Energy Bill is the requirement for a significant increase in average fuel economy to a 35 mpg fuel economy standard by 2020.

Electric Vehicle manufacturer ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP) CEO Steve Schneider, noted, “Our plug- in electric cars and trucks exceed current and future standards with zero emissions and costs at 3 cents per mile for electricity.”

For investors following alternative fuel and fuel efficient technologies, features a directory of renewable energy stocks including biofuel, and Electric Vehicle (EV), battery technology and related stocks.

Sector Close-Up – Ethanol and Sustainable & Electric Transportation, Green Automotive Stocks
(As of close December 20th, 2007)

Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (Market, News), with a 52 week range of $4.20 - $18.79, closed at $9.14.
Verasun Energy, Corp. (Market, News) closed at $15.71, up $0.45 (2.95%) for the day.
Green Plains Renewable Energy Inc., (Market, News) another ethanol stock with a 52 week range of $8.52 -$ 25.00 and closed up $1.20 at $11.74 .
Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. (Market, News) closed at $43.29, up 1.91 (4.62%).
BlueFire Ethanol Fuels, Inc., a cellulose ethanol company, also issued a statement relating to the Energy Bill, closed at $3.20.
Clean Energy Fuels Corp (Market, News),a provider of natural gas (CNG and LNG) for transportation in North America closed at $15.00.
Advanced Battery Technologies Inc. (Market, News), a company that manufactures, and distributes rechargeable PLI battery cells using lithium cobalt oxide anodes, has a 52 week range of $ 0.56 - $9.66.
Altair Nanotechnologies Inc., (Market, News) recently funded by Dubai conglomerate, Al Yousuf L.L.C. for $40 million, the battery maker has a 52 week range of $2.48 - $5.45 and closed at $4.25.
ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP), electric car manufacturer, also announced a $5 million Private Placement with the Dubai conglomerate, Al Yousuf L.L.C., as well as the addition of Mr. Eqbal Al-Yousuf to the Board of Directors, has a 52 week range of $0.68- $1.47 .

Additionally features the Driving Green Podcast, providing insight into the highways of the future. Recent audio interviews/Podcasts include:
“Driving Green, Interview with Christina Page, Yahoo!’s Director of Climate and Energy Strategy”
“ renewable energy and environmental interview with Mary Nichols, Chairman of the California Air Resources Board, recognized as one of Governor Schwarzenegger's most senior advisors on climate change.”

About Featured Showcase Company, Electric car pioneer ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP):
ZAP has been a leader in advanced transportation technologies since 1994, delivering over 100,000 vehicles to consumers in more than 75 countries. At the forefront of fuel-efficient transportation with new technologies including energy efficient gas systems, hydrogen, electric, fuel cell, ethanol, hybrid and other innovative power systems, ZAP has a joint venture to manufacture electric and hybrid vehicles with Youngman Automotive Group, one of China's leading manufacturers of buses and trucks. ZAP is developing a high-performance crossover SUV electric car concept called ZAP-X engineered by Lotus Engineering. ZAP is also developing a new generation of vehicles using advanced nanotech batteries with Advanced Battery Technologies. The Company recently announced a strategic partnership with Dubai-based Al Yousuf Group to expand its international vehicle distribution. ZAP also makes an innovative, new portable energy technology that manages power for mobile electronics from cell phones to laptops. (Advertisement)

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Anonymous said...

I love the sector generally, but when things couldn't look brighter, you know what that means...

Specifically, do you have, or have you heard, a view on 2008 demand? I'm pondering a thesis of whether the panel industry goes into oversupply in 08. I'm concerned that Germany incentives are declining and picking up steam in that direction, and the recent US energy bill demonstrates the solar will be lucky to get an extension of current measures in 08, much less an expansion. Meanwhile, I see little factoids like: YGE, by themselves, plans to be able to meet 35% or so of global demand by YE2008. They didn't say it directly, but their target is 1GW.

If 6 or 7 players can each supply 20+% of global demand next year....