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Invest in Cleantech

Thursday, June 01, 2006

China and India's Demand for Alternative Energy, Fuelled by High Oil Prices, Pollution and Power Failures, Drives Future of Wind Energy - Presents Audio Interviews with Wind Company Vitasti Inc. and Frost and Sullivan Analysts

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., June 1, 2006 - (RES) a leading investor and industry portal for the renewable energy sector presents audio interviews with Shannon deDelley, Director of Welwind Energy International, a division of Vitasti Inc. and senior research analyst Vijay Murthy, from Frost and Sullivan’s Technology Insights Group, as well as Pramodh Panchandam, research analyst for the Energy and Power Systems Group. With China currently setting the pace as the world's largest investor in renewable energy, global wind energy implementations are on the rise. Factors driving the growth in China and India in particular, are the high demands based on economic growth. Rising energy costs, pollution concerns and power failures could all impact or stall the industrialization of their economies. Vitasti and Frost and Sullivan provide insight into India and China moving up the ranks globally for installations in wind technology.

Wind energy has realized significant growth and according to Vijay Murthy, offers a viable solution for strengthening existing electrical grids by reinforcing energy reliability and protecting production levels. “This would require large scale integration into the electrical grid so when conventional electrical sources fail, wind power could be utilized. Improving the turbine technology, incorporating forecasting and coordinating grid interaction with other energy sources could definitely speed up a massive deployment of wind energy,” explains Murthy.

Vitasti Inc. (OTCBB: VITS) is working to help meet China’s energy needs through their current focus on the development of wind farms located along the South China Sea, in the Province of Guangdong. The two contracts recently signed with the cities of Yangxi and Zhanjiang, will allow the company to build “1000 Megawatts of wind power in Guangdong Province with a 50 year PPA (purchase price agreement).” As the Chinese government has established a goal of obtaining 20 GW of total wind power by 2020, the demand for alternative energy is there.

As they advance the Company’s wind farm project along the South China Sea, deDelley states, “A land lease was issued to Welwind recently by the City's Oceans and Fishery Department permitting the company to build Zhanjiang’s first wind energy facilities.'' He adds, “Welwind plans to build fifty (50) megawatts in the first phase of a six hundred (600) megawatt wind farm on this property. Construction will begin with the arrival of one demonstration wind turbine which will produce enough electricity to power more than one thousand (1000) homes.”

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