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Tuesday, December 20, 2005 Presents an Online Roundtable Discussion with Industry Experts on the Direction and Opportunities for the Renewable Energy S

Online Roundtable Discussion with Industry Experts on the Direction and Opportunities for the Renewable Energy Sector

Recent IPOs indicate an increased investor interest as the market provides viable solutions including solar technology, lighting and energy efficiency.

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., December 20th, 2005 – (RES) an investor and industry news portal for the renewable energy sector, presents an online roundtable discussion with Jamie Wimberly Managing Partner and CEO of the Distributed Energy Financial Group, LLC and the Distributed Energy Stock Index; Dr. Robert Wilder, CEO & Founder of Wildershares, LLC and Manager of the WilderHill Clean Energy Index and also David Schoenwald Founder, President and Director of the New Alternatives Fund (NALFX).

The success of IPOs in recent weeks within the renewable energy arena, such as Suntech Power Holdings Ltd and SunPower Corp, suggest an increased investor interest making the timing of this roundtable discussion appropriate. Overall, there are several factors helping to fuel the growth of the renewable energy market. As Jamie Wimberly explains, “The key drivers are in this order, customer needs, including reliability and the ability to manage energy costs, economics the offerings are becoming stronger and more affordable as they go down their cost curves and economies of scale and scope kick in and finally global demand with developing countries such as India and China having many opportunities and resources to pay for alternative solutions.” According to David Schoenwald, “The primary factor is the expectation of profitability and competitiveness of the various technologies, with legislation also being a big factor.”

The renewable energy arena is also benefiting from the integration of other technologies. As Dr. Robert Wilder describes, “Solar and wind are taking off with approximately 30-40% growth per year and they are integrating with other technologies. For example light emitting diodes LEDs are a crossover from semiconductors which I think is a disruptive technology that will overtake the prominence of incandescent bulbs which are little heaters. To switch to LEDs you’ll need much less air conditioning in buildings so you are compounding energy savings.”

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SmartCool Systems, Inc. (OTC.PK: SSCFF; TSX.V.SSC), a marketer of advanced energy saving technologies which reduce the electricity consumption (Kwh) and maximum demand (Kw/KVA) of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors. As a distributor of the Abbotly System 4000 Energy Savings Module (ESM)®; a system of micro-computer digital optimization modules which work with existing compressor equipment and controls, SmartCool enables businesses to reduce the electricity usage of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors by 10% to 20% while maintaining temperature performance. Over 25,000 ESM’s have been installed throughout the world since 1986 and in 2003 they reduced electricity consumption by 213,000 Mwh and Greenhouse Gas emissions by 250,000 tons resulting in cost savings of $20,000,000. The Company holds exclusive distribution rights for the ESM in Canada and the American states of New York, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Mexico, Vermont, Maine, and New Jersey.

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