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Monday, February 28, 2011

Q&A with CEO of Green Car Dealership Company; EVCARCO (OTCBB:EVCA)

Q&A with CEO of Green Car Dealership Company; EVCARCO (OTCBB:EVCA)

Mack Sanders, C.E.O. of EVCARCO INC. Discusses the Future of
Green Cars as Oil Prices Rise

February 28, 2011 ( renewable energy/green newswire) a leading global investor and industry portal covering the green and renewable energy sector released a recent interview with Mack Sanders, Chief Executive Officer of green car company, EVCARCO (OTCBB:EVCA).

With oil prices on the rise, Mr. Sanders discussed the potential future of his dealership/franchise business model for plug-in electric, alternative fuel, and pre-owned hybrid vehicles.



Mack, you have recently joined EVCARCO as CEO, to lead the company with its vision of a green car dealership. Can you give us your background and what brought you to this company?

A: Mack Sanders
Thank you for this opportunity. I have been involved in nearly every facet of the Auto industry. I have over twenty years of operating automotive business in the southwest region, being involved with major franchise automotive dealers and services. In saying this, I look to bring EVCARCO into the future and make their plan of a social network of Eco-Friendly Alternative Fuel vehicles a reality now in today’s economic climate.

On your company website, you show the locations of dealerships coming soon. Can you give us an idea of timelines?

A: Mack Sanders, Chief Executive Officer, EVCARCO INC.
We speak to ten to fifteen franchise leads a month. We feel as gas and oil prices increase, these will produce the franchisee with the investment to meet the requirements to open and develop EVCARCO locations. We currently plan to have four stores running within the next twelve months. As you readers are aware, the availability of product for the stores is where we spend the most time and money. Within the last two years, we have been involved with eight Electric Vehicle Manufacturers and from these, only two are still in business. We are looking to bring in three more after we have the chance to test these products.

The company recently announced it will enter the natural gas vehicle market and sell CNG powered Foton MD 3000 medium-duty class 3-5 trucks at its green auto dealerships. Can you give us more details?

A: Mack Sanders, Chief Executive Officer, EVCARCO INC.
The natural gas alternative product is another example of EVCARCO’s scope of possibilities. This product answers the commercial application with outstanding results.
The average one to five businesses using this class of truck can realize 50% reduction in operating costs, as CNG fuel is half the cost of diesel fuel in any market. Combine this with the government incentives for point of purchase and rebates and this product saves money and maintains a cleaner footprint. We look for this product to be the most aggressive product yet. Foton is a large long standing manufacturer with a proven sales and service record. Through our two years of research, we find that 97% of the smaller alternative manufacturers just do not have a satisfactory sales plan, nor do they have any real service support. We, at EVCARCO, see the Foton product to provide the sales and service support necessary to maintain a long term successful customer base.

With the recent spike in oil prices, is your company and website seeing an increase in interest and enquiries?

A: Mack Sanders, Chief Executive Officer, EVCARCO INC.
Yes, we have seen a daily increase in calls and emails. The best part of this answer is that EVCARCO has been on an island in the past working hard and only seeing small glimpses of results, like people waving from the deck of a cruise ship (“Wow doesn’t that look neat” or “My aren’t those cute”) We will see how that changes with a constant $4.00 a gallon gas price and $150.00 oil barrels. I think this is only the spark of interest.

For investors looking at the company, you have an ambitious plan to roll out your dealerships and franchises. What happens next and will you be able to execute, is the number one question they are asking?

A: Mack Sanders, Chief Executive Officer, EVCARCO INC.
Progress always starts with ambition, I would expect this to be a “Grass Roots” undertaking that everyone would need to see succeed. We, at EVCARCO, are dedicated to the cause and the ranks are filing in behind us pushing this goal forward. Many have said we are ahead of the market, however with the current economic conditions here, as well as abroad, we clearly see the time is now. The only way small manufacturers are going to be successful building Electric Cars is to use the “EVCARCO” approach of branding a major franchise presentation to the general buying public. This will need to include all the selection, service, financing and advertising that they have come to respect in the market place. EVCARCO is a win-win pick for any investor, the only direction the alternative vehicle market can go is up. This is an opportunity to get onboard with a publicly traded company that has put in the investment and work to not only take this company public but also trademark a brand and obtain franchise licensing for nearly every State in the Union. EVCARCO is in a perfect position for EVERY Investor and the more investors that get involved, the more successful this “ambitious plan” will be!

Company Snapshot
EVCARCO (OTCBB:EVCA) - Green, Electric Cars and Natural Gas Vehicles
EVCARCO (OTCBB:EVCA) ( is the first automotive retail group dedicated to deploying a coast-to-coast network of environmentally friendly franchised dealerships and vehicles. EVCARCO is bringing to market the most advanced clean technologies available in plug-in electric, alternative fuel, and pre-owned hybrid vehicles.

Recent News
EVCARCO, Inc. (OTCBB:EVCA) Accepts Invitation to Exhibit at the Ft. Worth and Dallas Auto Shows
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EVCARCO (OTCBB:EVCA) to Sell Class 3-5 Commercial Compressed Natural Gas Powered Trucks at Its Green Auto Dealerships

FT. WORTH, TX - February 15, 2011 ( renewable energy/green newswire) - EVCARCO (OTCBB: EVCA) announced today that it will sell CNG powered Foton MD 3000 medium-duty class 3-5 trucks at its green auto dealerships. Foton Motor Co. is the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in China, its existing assets are in excess of $5 Billion and they have a staff of 28,000 employees. Foton has the capacity to produce up to 26,000 units of the Foton MD 3000 medium-duty class 3-5 trucks a year.
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