Invest in Cleantech

Invest in Cleantech

Friday, February 18, 2011

Investor and Search Trends for Penny Stocks compared to NASDAQ Stocks; AONE, BPAX and TSLA Top NASDAQ Stocks Searched at

Investor and Search Trends for Penny Stocks compared to NASDAQ Stocks; AONE, BPAX and TSLA Top NASDAQ Stocks Searched at

Trends also Indicate Investors search more for Gold stocks vs. Green Stocks

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., February 18, 2011 -, a global investor research portal, specializing in sector reports on Google trends reports for Investor and news searches in addition to internal site trends at investor content spans from penny stock and microcap research to news and stock directories covering NYSE and NASDAQ stocks.

Investor ideas caters to small independent investors that tend to trade microcap and penny stocks. The Google trends indicate that perhaps small investors tend to use the internet to search for their own stock research within the penny stocks, whereas investors that trade NASDAQ stocks may turn to brokers or focus on individual stocks. The internal site stat searches from shows three of the top ten searches for February were for individual NASDAQ stocks; TSLA, AONE and BPAX.

Top sector searches at for February included natural gas stocks and green stocks.

Google Trends; Comparison of searches for Penny Stocks and NASDAQ Stocks

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Google trends – Gold Stocks Investor Searches, compared to Green Stocks

Google trends data indicates based on search results that investors still actively search more for information on gold stocks vs. green stocks. With gold’s big run, it makes sense that investors follow the money in each sector.

Top 10 investor searches at for February

natural gas stocks
water stocks
agriculture stocks
renewable energy stocks
green energy stocks
natural gas companies
coal stocks
Current list of stock directories at for investors:

Renewable Energy Stocks Directory
Mining and Gold Stocks Directory
Oil and Gas Stocks Directory
Coal Stocks Directory
Defense Stocks Directory>
Water Stocks Directory
Environment Stocks Directory
Fuel Cell Stocks Directory
Biotech Stocks Directory
Natural Gas Stocks Directory
Nanotechnology Stocks Directory

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