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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rotoblock Advanced Engine Technology on Display at NADA 2008 in San Francisco

Rotoblock Advanced Engine Technology on Display at NADA 2008 in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, Advanced engine developer Rotoblock (OTCBB: ROTB) will display its patented Oscillating Piston Engine (OPE) technology at NADA 2008, February 9-12, at San Francisco's Moscone Center, the largest convention for auto dealers in North America.

Rotoblock's patented OPE engine technology uses the principle of rotating opposing pistons in a rotary-style engine that reduces the weight and size of the engine while increasing the output. The engine represents advantages in power-to-weight ratio as well as energy efficiency being sought for fossil fueled vehicles. For more information, visit

Rotoblock Chief Executive Officer Mr. Chien Chih Liu will be on hand at NADA to discuss the most recent developments for the Oscillating Piston Engine. He is also scheduling meetings to collaborate on future development and implementation of the OPE with prospective partners.

The US produces approximately 35 million small engines annually that are sold and used in the US alone. These numbers do not include engines used as power sources in automobiles, aircraft, construction equipment, recreational vehicles, stationary applications and more. They also do not include small engines used outside the country.

The problems with standard small engines include: an inefficient weight to power ratio; cumbersome water cooling system which can lead to rust; complex friction movement causing frequent wear and tear; expensive and time consuming maintenance; not being adaptable to a variety of uses; and the release of a high percentage of toxic and carcinogenic emissions causing environmental damage.

Based on Rotoblock's experience as well as careful calculations and preliminary testing, the OPE was found to: be dramatically lighter, up to 50 percent depending on the application; significantly increase the power to weight ratio; be simpler to assemble, maintain and repair; require no valves and valve train; not require a water cooling system; and be adaptable to a wide variety of sizes and uses. In addition, because of its rotating intake/output design, the Rotoblock OPE releases significantly reduced emissions into the atmosphere even with regular fuels. The OPE is also highly adaptable for use with blended fuels or hydrogen which increases its environmental efficacy. For more information about Rotoblock's Oscillating Piston Technology, visit

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) annual conference is the world's largest auto dealer gathering, representing over 20,000 auto dealerships. For more information, visit

About Rotoblock

Rotoblock is focused on the development of leading-edge power train technologies including the development of its patented Oscillating Piston Engine technology. Rotoblock has signed a licensing agreement with OBVIO! Automotoveiculos S.A. of Brazil. The company was incorporated in Nevada and is headquartered in Santa Rosa, California. The Company has full rights to the patents of the Oscillating Piston Engine and believes the OPE technology has useful applications in an endless number of areas where its powerful, lightweight, efficient design are in ever-increasing demand. Visit Rotoblock's corporate website for details about the company, technology, and regulatory filings. The address is:

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