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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clear Skies Solar Announces Grant from U.S. Patent Office for X-Trax(TM) Solar Monitoring System

Clear Skies Solar Announces Grant from U.S. Patent Office for X-Trax(TM) Solar Monitoring System

Cutting-Edge System Provides Solar Energy Production Monitoring Capabilities to Solar PV Industry

LOS ANGELES, February 26,2008 - Clear Skies Group (CSG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clear Skies Solar, Inc. (OTCBB:CSKH) and the leading provider of renewable energy solutions, today announced a U.S. Patent was granted for its X-Trax™ Solar monitoring system.
The patented system, designed and developed entirely by Clear Skies Group’s in-house research and development department, will deliver reliable autonomous data readings for solar energy systems around the United States.

“Most systems on the market today are developed for large-scale commercial customers,” said Ezra Green, Chairman and CEO of Clear Skies Solar. “Several years ago, we saw distinct voids in the solar products and services market for the under-100kw system size. X-Trax™ fills the production monitoring void completely, as it can track solar electrical production for customers in both the residential and commercial sectors while preparing and distributing the data to the appropriate end user such as SREC aggregators. The X-Trax™ program is one stop shopping.”

X-Trax™ was designed to maximize data management efficiency by removing all the unnecessary fields and concentrating on hard-core production values. Because X-Trax™ transmits on a cellular frequency. Clients are guaranteed an unprecedented level of reliability at an extremely affordable price. The comprehensive X-Trax™ program will be the first of its kind in the U.S. that will fully support the energy production industry.

“The technology of X-Trax™ will reliably monitor solar electrical production and ensure that customers’ systems are performing at optimal levels,” added Green. “With firmware development, software development, and sophisticated programming all completed in-house, X-Trax™ will lead the way to a new era of energy production tracking and ensuring solar systems are working at optimal levels at all times.”

Clear Skies Group is one of the only solar energy integrators in the United States to house its own research and development department, through which it designs, develops and implements innovative solutions for Solar PV systems. “Our technology allows us to stand out in the solar industry by providing solutions to our clients,” concluded Green.

The X-Trax™ monitor is the result of several years of extensive research, development and testing, and Clear Skies Group now has several systems operating in the US. The system will be ready for commercial launch by the summer of 2008.

About Clear Skies Group

Clear Skies Solar, Inc. through its wholly owned subsidiary, Clear Skies Group, Inc. ("CSG"), provides full-service renewable energy solutions to commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients across the country. CSG was incorporated in 2003 and launched formal operations in 2005. During that time period, CSG developed its proprietary systems, obtained licenses and certifications, and acquired technologies that could maximize the impact of its construction expertise on the renewable energy sector. CSG has become one of the premier solar electric installation companies in the country. For more information about CSG, visit

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