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Invest in Cleantech

Friday, September 09, 2011

City Windmills Ltd. (CYW.F) (CYW.DE) opens door to 80’000’000 euros sales opportunity in a first business agreement

City Windmills Ltd. (CYW.F) (CYW.DE) opens door to 80’000’000 euros sales opportunity in a first business agreement

Agreement calls for 10’000 City Windmills XLT Wind Turbines

MANCHESTER, U.K., Sept 9, 2011 - City Windmills, Ltd. (Frankfurt symbol: -CYW.F - CYW.DE -, announces that it has signed a significant long-term non-exclusive business agreement with a major governmental organization, which opens the door to 10’000 windmills to be manufactured and delivered.

Sean Kelly, CFO and founder of City Windmills US Inc. said, "Government organizations are starting to well understand the need for new clean energy for their own consumption, rendering them independent from oil. This first agreement opens the door to potential sales of 80’000’000 euros over the next 18 months."

The agreement signed by City Windmills calls for 10’000 of City Windmills XLT wind turbines to be delivered and installed to governmental customers on several continents.

City Windmills Ltd. is a windmill company seeking to transform the dominant paradigm of energy production and consumption around the globe, by integrating the three notions of powerful energy production from wind, proximity to the end user and advertisement of brands and products.

This press release may contain 'forward-looking statements.' Expressions of future goals and similar expressions reflecting something other than historical fact are intended to identify forward-looking statements, but are not the exclusive means of identifying such statements. These forward-looking statements may include, without limitation, statements about our market opportunity, strategies, competition, expected activities and expenditures as we pursue our business plan.


Peter Kazimirski, CEO, +41 79 663 5234,

Sean Kelly, CFO, +41 79 203 7124,

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