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Invest in Cleantech

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Renewable Energy Trading Alert; PS4.K, C3O.F, CYW.F, OKC.F

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Renewable Energy Trading Alert; PS4.K, C3O.F, CYW.F, OKC.F

Point Roberts, WA 26 July, 2011-, a leader in cleantech investor research issues an investor snapshot for cleantech companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Drops in solar cell prices and surging interest in developing nations led to a 32% increase in investments in renewable energy globally in 2010, a United Nations report finds.

Overall, the $211 billion in 2010 investments in renewable energy — wind, solar, geothermal and related technologies — was driven by policies in nations that increasingly require such power worldwide. The United Nations Environment Programme report finds that Chinese wind farms and German solar rooftops led investments but, surprisingly, developing nations spent more on renewable energy utility projects, $72 billion, than developed ones, at $70 billion.

Phoenix Solar AG (PS4.F) closed with a loss of 0.17 (1.12%) to $15.03. Just a week ago, Phoenix Solar AG (PS4) said it won its largest foreign order to date in France even as the German maker of photovoltaic modules expects to depend mainly on the U.S. and Asia for future growth.

Centrosolar (XETRA:C3O.DE; Frankfurt:C3O.F) climbed 2.05% to €3.64. Centrosolar Group AG reported unaudited earnings results for the first half of 2011. For the first half, the company reported revenue amounted to EUR 150.5 million, with EBIT reaching negative EUR 4.9 million. The company revised earnings guidance for the year 2011.

Frankfurt Cleantech Stocks Sector Trading Snapshot
CITY WINDMILLS (CYW.F ) fell 4.80% to close at $0.89.
Payom Solar AG , (FRA:P1Y) shares ended the day at $4.23 with a gain of 1.92%.
Okmetic Oyj (Frankfurt: OKC.F) fell 6.76% to $5.37.
KSB AG (ETR:KSB) fell 4.45 (0.77%) to $568.18.

Showcase Cleantech Frankfurt Wind Stock City Windmills:
City Windmills © was founded in early 2010 and has carried along its idea of building an efficient, enduring and cheap windmill, adapted for home use, for industrial level use and for larger sized wind farms. With City Windmills © and the low cost of production per kWh, any home can afford electricity at grid parity costs.

Several steps of developments allowed the City Windmill © system to evolve from producing energy at 0, 12 € (0, 14 US$) per kWh, then at 0, 09 € (0, 11 US$) per kWh and finally at 0,065 € (0, 08 US$) per kWh. This production cost, while amortizing the price of a City Windmill © over a period of 20 years (as for other power producing plants), is competitive with every other energy source. And this is achieved without any subsidies. In an unsubsidized environment, the payback can be as short as 4.5 years.

The company is targeting the $20 Billion outdoor advertising industry with a new concept in green outdoor advertising, combining clean energy technology and advertising.

City Windmills, Ltd. (CYW.F) is a company in the development phase, with the design, development and marketing of revolutionary small wind turbine systems clean flachblättrigen deals. The business model of Wind Mills City focuses on revenue generation from the production of clean energy from small wind turbines, along with advertising revenue. More info

Visit the profile for City Windmills, Ltd. (CYW.F)

View the company’s presentation:

Sean Kelly, Chief Financial Officer
City Wind Mills, Ltd.
+41 22 310 8603
sean.kelly @

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