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Invest in Cleantech

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hoggan & Associates Inc.: 'Clean' Companies Beat Overall Canadian and U.S. Stock Markets in 2009

Hoggan & Associates Inc.: 'Clean' Companies Beat Overall Canadian and U.S. Stock Markets in 2009


- Market value scoreboards: Hoggan lists top Canadian and B.C. clean companies

- Investors choose revenue producing clean energy/tech companies over pie-in-the-sky

The largest clean energy/technology companies traded on Canada's two major stock exchanges dramatically outperformed the overall Canadian and United States equity markets in 2009, according to the latest update of the Hoggan 20-10 Clean Company List released today.

- The average value gain of the 20 largest clean energy/technology companies traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) was 75% compared with the TSX composite average's 31% gain.

- The average value gain of the 10 largest clean energy/technology companies traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture (TSXV) market was 161% compared with the TSXV composite average's 91% gain.

- In the U.S., the S&P 500 increased 23.5%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 7.37% and the NASDAQ composite average increased 43.9%.

The Hoggan 20-10 Clean Company List includes the 20 largest clean energy/technology companies traded on the TSX and the 10 largest clean energy/technology companies traded on the TSXV as measured by market value at close of trading December 31, 2009.

Also released today was Hoggan's B.C. Clean 15 list of the 15 largest clean energy/technology companies trading on either the TSX or the TSXV based in British Columbia.

The lists are updated quarterly by Hoggan & Associates, a Vancouver-based communication firm that specializes in the clean energy/technology sector, and based on market data reported by the Toronto Stock Exchange. (1) (2)

Shafiq Jamal, Hoggan & Associates Executive Vice President, said the best of these companies have received investor support because they have been able to effectively demonstrate their increasing operating revenues from renewable energy projects or from sales of technology.

"Investors have shown they are not interested in pie-in-the-sky ideas. They are interested in companies that can fill the huge need for commercial alternatives to fossil fuels and energy waste," said Jamal. "Clean energy/technology companies that want to compete successfully for investor attention must effectively demonstrate that their business plans are leading to commercial products and services that generate revenue and profits."

"The Toronto Stock Exchange has become the global leader for clean energy/technology listings - and the Hoggan 20-10 and B.C. Clean 15 lists are scoreboards highlighting the success these companies are having at attracting investors," said Jamal.

Hoggan 20-10 Clean Company List

The biggest market value increases for TSX clean energy/technology companies in 2009 were achieved by:

- Brookfield Renewable Power Fund, which owns, operates and invests in hydroelectric generating stations located on nine river systems in three provinces and New England, whose market value increased $128% to $2 billion.

- Azure Dynamics Corporation, a Michigan-based manufacturer of hybrid electric vehicle powertrains, whose market value increased 434% to $81million;

- Alter NRG. Corp, engaged in plasma gasification technology sales and services for clean energy projects, whose market value increased 184% to $129 million; and

- BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc., a B.C.-based company which finances, builds, owns, and operates water treatment plants that recover saleable by-products from waste water, whose market value increased 210% to $80 million.

The biggest market value increases for TSXV-listed clean energy/technology companies in 2009 were achieved by:

- Shear Wind Inc., a wind farm developer with several projects in feasibility and development phases in Canada, whose market value increased 367% to $32 million;

- Catch The Wind Ltd. , a Virginia-based developer and manufacturer of laser-based wind sensor systems for the wind power generation industry, whose market value increased 333% to $124 million; and

- Western Wind Energy Corp., a B.C.-based company which produces 75 billion watt hours per year from more than 500 wind turbine generators in California, whose market value increased 299% to $84 million.

B.C. Clean 15

The biggest market value increases for TSX or TSXV clean energy/technology companies based in British Columbia in 2009 (excluding BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc. and Western Wind Energy Corp. which are described above) were achieved by:

- Sierra Geothermal Power Corp., explorer and developer of geothermal power with rights to 90,000 acres of geothermal properties in Nevada and California, whose market value increased 194% to $24 million;

- Nevada Geothermal Power Inc., developer of four projects in Nevada and Oregon, one of which began producing power in 2009, whose market value increased 186% to $95 million;

- Run of River Power Inc., which develops renewable, sustainable energy through its portfolio of run-of-river and biomass projects in British Columbia, whose market value increased 161% to $8 million, and

- Westport Innovations Inc., supplier of products and technology that enable engines to operate on clean-burning fuels, whose market value increased 102% to $404 million.

The Hoggan 20-10 Clean Company List and B.C. Clean 15 List are not intended in any way as investment recommendations. Hoggan & Associates recommends that investors conduct their own research into the investment merits of these or other companies and/or consult qualified investment advisors.

About Hoggan & Associates Inc.

With more than 25 years in the business, Hoggan and Associates Inc. is a leading Vancouver-based public relations firm, specializing in corporate and investor communications, environmental communications, media relations and crisis communications. Clients Hoggan has worked with include A&W Food Services of Canada, Ballard Power Systems, BC Hydro, Business Objects (now part of SAP Canada), Canadian Tire, Chrysalix, Day4Energy Inc., Electronic Arts Canada, Ethical Funds, General Fusion, Glentel Inc. and MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates Limited (MDA). Hoggan and Associates is also the proud recipient of the public relations industry's highest award for crisis management, the Public Relations Society of America's Silver Anvil award. For more information about Hoggan, including clients and team biographies, please visit our website at

This news release and the complete Hoggan 20-10 Clean Company and Hoggan Clean 15 lists are available at our website at .


(1) Among the companies reviewed for inclusion on the Hoggan Clean 20-10 and B.C. Clean 15 lists, Hoggan has provided communications consulting services to the following: Ballard Power Systems Inc., Day 4 Energy Inc. and Naikun Wind Energy Group Inc.

(2) Several companies included on the TSX lists have been excluded from the Hoggan lists because, according to website descriptions of the businesses, their clean energy/clean tech operations do not comprise a significant proportion of overall company operations or their stated clean energy/clean tech objectives are not significantly reflected in their operations. One company, the largest producer of container-grown forest seedlings in North America, was not included on the TSX list but has been included in the Hoggan list.

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