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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Combined Values of China and India in the Global Energy Industry Could Increase By More Than 100% By 2025

Research and Markets: The Combined Values of China and India in the Global Energy Industry Could Increase By More Than 100% By 2025

DUBLIN----Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Looking at the Global Energy Industry" report to their offering.
The global energy industry has explored many options to meet the growing energy needs of industrialized economies wherein production demands are to be met with supply of power from varied energy resources worldwide. There has been a clearer realization of the finite nature of oil resources and the ever higher pushing demand for energy. The world has yet to stabilize on the complex geopolitical undercurrents which influence the oil and gas production as well as supply strategies globally.

The limitation on refinery capacities, heavy crude processing, aging number of offshore rigs, new environmental regulations, blockbuster profits/cash reserves for oil companies, technology hopes are resulting in the below mentioned:
•Significant investments in conventional and unconventional energy sources (wind turbine energy revenue up is up 25% and non-hydro renewable technologies on track to be six percent of the world's power generation by 2030); •New equity investors; •Larger integration/consolidation of the day-to-day business of upstream companies, as well as those seeking to gain access to a specific area. The movement from state controlled to free market energy trading for the production companies is leading above some of the other related industries like waste management or water companies which are just at the early phases of maturity. This transition is pushing companies to develop and invest in all areas of operations like: finance, performance, administrative regulations, tax, and marketing and information technology in order that they are ready faster, better to enter and participate in the global energy market game.
Asia's rapidly increasing energy consumption is a leading driver in the global energy demand and the combined values of China and India could increase by more than 100% by 2025. The normalization is expected to take place in the developed countries wherein the market maturity and energy efficiency will be contributing factors.
Aruvian's R'search's report - Looking at the Global Energy Industry - analyzes the scope of global energy production from varied traditional sources as well as the developing renewable energy sources. In view of understanding energy transactions, the report also studies the revenue returns for investors in various energy channels which manifest themselves in global energy demand and supply dynamics.
The report presents a global energy footprint which analyzes the major countries and their usage of the various energy resources ranging from Asia to the United States, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, etc.
In depth view has been provided in this report on nature of world trade in the Oil, Electricity, Natural Gas, Nuclear Power, Coal, Wind, Hydroelectric and the experimental stage of tidal energy. The various geopolitical interests and intentions governing the exploitation, production, trade and supply of these resources for energy production has also been analyzed by this report in a non-partisan manner.
The report also delves deeper into the perennial conflict some which the usage of some of these resources face in environmental worldscape and efforts undertaken by major trade alignments to correct these concerns or contain the effects of the usage of these resources on the environment which has led to various initiatives like correct harnessing of solar energy.
The greenhouse effect and its relation to the gaseous emission in usage of such fossil fuels wherein the model for trade of green house gases has been espoused by the developed nations with overall efforts to lay down guidelines which will guide the future energy policy makers of the world to build more sustainable and ecologically balanced energy feeder relationships are also explained in This report, with a future outlook for the global energy market. A profile of the top 30 players in the energy industry completes this analysis of the global energy industry.
Key Topics Covered:
•Executive Summary •Global Energy Industry •Revenue Returns on Global Energy Markets •Global Energy Demand & Supply Dynamics •World Energy Map Analysis (This section focuses on the Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, and Electricity Markets of the Major Areas) •World Oil Trade •Electricity Trade •Natural Gas as an Energy Source •Oldest Energy Source - Coal •Energy form the Atoms - Nuclear Energy •Clean Energy Resources •Checkpoints to Energy Growth •Resultant Environmental Concern - Global Warming •The Greenhouse Effect - Global Energy's Fallout? •Global Energy Market - Future Outlook •Leading Market Players •Appendix •Glossary of Terms Companies Mentioned:
•BC Hydro •BHP Billiton •BP plc •British Energy plc •Centrica plc •Chevron Corp. •ConocoPhillips •Consol Energy Inc. •E.On AG •Electricite de France •ENEL SpA •ENI SpA •ExxonMobil Corp. •Gaz de France •Gazprom OAO •Kinder Morgan Energy LP •LUKoil •Marathon Oil •Norsk Hydro AS •Occidental Petroleum •Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd. •Petrobras Brasileiro •Petrochina Co. Ltd. •Repsol YPF SA •Royal Dutch Shell plc •Statoil ASA •Total SA •TXU Corp. •Valero Energy Corp. •Xcel Energy For more information visit
Contacts Research and MarketsLaura Wood, Senior

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