Invest in Cleantech

Invest in Cleantech

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to Invest in the Green Technology Revolution

How to Invest in the Green Technology Revolution

Investors Tools to Become Educated in Solar, Wind and Green Stocks

POINT ROBERTS, WA and DELTA, BC –February 24, 2009 -, a leading global investor and industry portal for the renewable energy sector within, provides investors with tools and resources to participate and invest in the green technology revolution.

Investor Ideas has created a global directory of publicly traded green and renewable energy stocks in wind, solar, biofuel and other green sectors. Investor Ideas stock directories are one of several tools for independent investors to complete due diligence and research. was one of the first online investor resources providing in-depth information on renewable energy and the public companies in the sector.
Renewable Energy Stock Directory:

The directory features stocks listed on the TSX, OTC, NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, ASX, AIM markets and other leading exchanges reflecting the global participation and growth in renewable energy and green stocks.

The portal currently features a directory with info and links on Alternative Energy Funds, Biogas and Ethanol Stocks, Energy Efficiency Stocks, Flywheel Stocks, Fuel Cell Stocks, Geothermal Stocks, Hydrogen Production, Micro Turbine Stocks, Solar Stocks, Green Transportation, Wind Stocks and Green Infrastructure Stocks.

Green Investor Content:

Green IPO Watch:
Solar Energy Perspectives with J. Peter Lynch:
Renewable Energy and GreenTech Business and Stock News RSS Feed: Green Investor Audio and Article Series has created a Green Investor Series of Podcasts & articles on green and renewable energy investing for Investing in a Better World! Follow well- known financial columnist Michael Brush, who also writes the Insiders Corner for, in a series of audio interviews/Podcasts with some of the leading CEO's, investment banking and financial leaders in the sector. The Green Investor Podcasts can also be heard on Money Matters with Barry Armstrong, #1 Personal Finance Radio Show in Boston!
Also Read energy writer Paulo Nery's new Green Investor column and gain insight into the sector.

For entrepreneurs, investors and funds, The Global Green Marketplace is a meeting place and network for green and renewable energy companies seeking funding /partners, management and investors providing venture capital and equity funding . View Marketplace:

About Our Green Investor Portals:® is one of several green investor portals within and provides investors with stock news, exclusive articles and financial columnists, audio interviews, investor conferences, Blogs, and a directory of stocks within the renewable energy sector.
Visit the Green Investor Portals: ®, ®,, and all within the hub.

About creates a meeting place for investing ideas to take form and come to life in an entrepreneurial environment, servicing the needs of small investors and start- up companies to large conglomerates! We cover multiple industry sectors but specialize in environmental and water. Membership- Green Stocks Directory
With markets and investor sentiment changing daily- it is more important than ever to stay on top of key trends! Gain Exclusive Insight on Leading Sectors, Global Trends, and Insider Trading Ideas, News, Articles and Investor Ideas Members only Restricted Content including the complete renewable energy stocks directory, water stocks directory, biotech and more.
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Nevi said...

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· Principle One – How do we build the modern electricity grid?
· Principle Two – How do we reduce our reliance on foreign oil?

I can address both aspects.

While you watch the Senate cement a US calamity, understand that leaders are not very good at 'listening' but major disaster does tend to improve the hearing of people. If you cannot see what's coming, even with the 'stimulus' plan that actually has zero regenerative component for the economy, then you'll surely see things more clearly by 2010.
You can sit back, and watch leaders take catastrophic steps which ironically, some believe to be correct...If you look carefully, you may understand that NO amount of liquidity can fix the expanding problems. Realistically..have you seen world leaders produce 'one' real solution yet?

For a start, the senate cannot identify 'mass and rising unemployment' as the root cause, and generally, if you cannot assess a root cause, you can never fix a problem. They identify it as 'housing correction'and 'credit squeeze' , and media swallows that. They call simple 'liabilities', 'toxic assets', and these are the spins.

If I were to say the entire US senate is actually guilty of 'being asleep at the switch' that would be an understatement, but everyone is really good at bickering, fingerpointing and laying blame.

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Thank you for any consideration.

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