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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Clear Skies Group Partners with SGFP2 on Solar-Powered Active-Living Community

Clear Skies Group Partners with SGFP2 on Solar-Powered Active-Living Community

$6,500,000 Solar-Powered Generation Facilities Will Help DeKalb County, Georgia Community Lead Drive to Smart Living

NEW YORK - Clear Skies Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clear Skies Solar, Inc. (OTCBB: CSKH), today announced a partnership with SGFP 2 LLC, a SmartGrowth Opportunity Fund, LLC company ("SGFP"), to provide solar power to the real estate investment fund’s active-living community project in DeKalb County, Georgia, located outside of Atlanta.

Under the $6,500,000 agreement, Clear Skies will provide a 900kW solar power generation facility, which is expected to save community residents approximately 80% on their anticipated utility costs.

Contingent on obtaining financing, the project is in the final stages of permitting. Construction, anticipated to commence in early 2009, will consist of two phases. The first phase will include construction of a 330kW installation with the capacity to serve 55 ranch-style town homes. Phase Two will incorporate another 570kW to serve an additional 95 town homes.

“CSG is proud to work with forward-thinking home developers like SGFP to bring the benefits of solar energy to homeowners who are concerned about rising energy costs and a cleaner environment,” said Ezra Green, Chairman and CEO of Clear Skies Solar. “We recognize that solar energy will play an integral role in the future of the global energy market and applaud companies like SGFP that are helping us to make great strides in bringing solar to the masses in the form of sustainable and eco-friendly communities. Like SGFP, CSG is committed to the concept of ‘smart growth’ and to achieving the highest-quality living experience for its residents.”

About Clear Skies Group
Clear Skies Solar, Inc. through its wholly owned subsidiary, Clear Skies Group, Inc. ("CSG"), provides full-service renewable energy solutions to commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients across the country. CSG was incorporated in 2003 and launched formal operations in 2005. During that time period, CSG developed its proprietary systems, obtained licenses and certifications, and acquired technologies that could maximize the impact of its construction expertise on the renewable energy sector. CSG has become one of the premier solar electric installation companies in the country. For more information about CSG, visit

About SGFP 2, LLC
SGFP 2, LLC is a SmartGrowth Opportunity Fund, LLC company ("SGFP"). SGFP is a real estate investment fund that invests in housing, retail, and commercial projects in urban communities. The Fund engages primarily in rehabilitation and repositioning of projects. Its mission is to help rebuild America's cities through prudent investment and management of urban in-fill development projects.

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