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Thursday, January 05, 2006

India and China’s Economic Growth Leading to Opportunities for Water Technology and Renewable Energy Reports on India and China’s Economic Growth Leading to Opportunities for Water Technology and Renewable Energy

Depletion of Natural Resources and Energy Demands Show Increasing Need for Renewables and Water Filtration

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., January 05, 2006 - (CAS), an investor and industry news portal for the China-Asia sector, provides an exclusive overview entitled “Insights into China and India’s Water and Renewable Energy Market”. China and India’s aggressive economic growth is creating opportunities for foreign investors involved in the water and renewable energy sectors. Perspectives into the efforts of companies that are capitalizing on these markets are revealed by Shell Solar, General Electric, Siemens, solar photovolatics firm XsunX, and water technology company Hendrx Corp. Industry experts, Debra Lew, Senior Project Leader at National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Steve Hoffmann, President of WaterTech Capital, provide viewpoints on current and future opportunities in these developing markets.

Shell (NYSE: RDS-A) Media Relations Officer Alexandra Wright believes, “Solar opportunities are encouraging in both countries as we are looking to bring energy to individual households, and investigating the potential for a system that would power entire villages.”
Tom Djokovich, CEO of XsunX, Inc., (OTCBB: XSNX) stated, “For XsunX, China with about 20% of the worlds population and India with about 17%, represent one of the more compelling opportunities for sustained growth in the utilization of solar energy production.”

Hendrx Corp (OTCBB: HDRX), helps to address the needs in developing countries for increases in water supply and access to improved water quality. General Electric (NYSE: GE) has joined the Ministry of Agriculture of China in a strategic partnership helping reduce the heavy water demands for high spray volumes and chemical runoff into soil and groundwater during the application of agricultural pesticides. Juergen Schubert, Managing Director of Siemens Ltd. India (NYSE: SI) explained that pure and potable drinking water is a big problem in India, especially in rural industrial areas; issues that they hoped to effectively address.

Overview Excerpt: Insights into China and India’s Water and Renewable Energy Market

By Fei Wang and,
January 2006

There has been a dramatic increase in the demand for natural resources of all kinds, especially water and energy in both these countries, which brings enormous opportunities to foreign investors involved in the water and renewable energy sectors. However, due to the differences in the composition of natural resources, population structure, and political environment, opportunities and challenges vary between countries. How do these differences affect doing business in those two countries? Which country has bigger potential for growth in these two industries?

Steve Hoffmann, President of WaterTech Capital said: “Between India and China, China has, at least at this point of time, better natural water resources than India because water systems in China are fairly extensive. India on the other hand, does have a variety of surface water to draw upon, but a lot of their surface water availability comes in a form of monsoons, and many of them are lost during flooding. Therefore, relatively speaking, between China and India, at this point, India is more water stressed than China… “

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